Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gluten Free ---- No Kidding

First and foremost, I will justify this post by declaring that I am a new blogger and I need the practice writing and posting pictures. Many times in my quest to find a new gluten free recipe I scoured the Internet only to find a recipe for a steak or a salad being hailed as gluten free. I always think to myself, wow, a gluten free piece of way. Gluten free lettuce, get outta here. So here I am, in a twisted hypocritical dilemma. Do I post a picture of our delicious BBQ Pork Chop and Asparagus dinner from last night?......... Sure, why not no one's really reading this anyway, right?
So here it is: Grilled Asparagus with Olive oil, salt, and pepper. Thick cut pork chops with John Henrys Pecan Rub, all lovingly cooked to perfection with my trusty sidekick: Traeger.


  1. LOL love the thoughts. Dinner looks delicious and, you're right!
    Who cares if anybody's reading or not? Writing is fun and cheap therapy. Besides, I'll bet someone out there is reading...

  2. Thanks! It's good to have at least one reader.

  3. It sounds great, I mean it's a perfect meal if you are gluten free or not.

  4. I recently started a weekly blog carnival called What's for Dinner Wednesday (gluten free style). People often need dinner ideas even if it's not something that is difficult to make gluten free. I would love to have you join us next Wednesday.