Friday, October 16, 2009

Product Review- Eat Smart Food Scale

Normally I'm not a huge kitchen gadget person. I appreciate practical tools that I will use frequently. If I have a rarely used tool, chances are I will forget that I even have it for the once a year time I need it. Prior to receiving an Eat Smart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale to review, I wasn't sure that I would use a scale that much. In reality, I've been using my new scale on a regular basis. Not long ago I ranted a bit about not knowing how many potatoes equalled 2 pounds for a recipe I was making. Now I can easily measure precisely how much I need.

So many recipes I find these days call for exact amounts of ingredients in grams or ounces. The Eat Smart Precision Pro scale makes precise measurements a breeze. There are only two buttons on the scale. The one on the left turns the scale on and off. The left button is also used to "Tare" or "zero" the scale. The button on the right selects the unit of measure. The Eat Smart scale has 4 choices of measurement; grams, kilograms, ounces, or pounds. To begin, turn the scale on and place a bowl or pan on the scale. Push the "Tare" button to zero the scale. Next, select you unit of measurement and begin adding ingredients to the pan or bowl.

The Eat Smart Precision Pro scale is so versatile. I've used it for measuring chocolate in ounces rather than just guessing how much I need. My wife and I buy large packages of hamburger and can use the scale to weigh out specific amounts to vacuum seal and freeze. The Precision Pro scale also comes with a calorie counting guide with 15 pages of common foods and how many calories are in a gram of that particular food so you can calculate your caloric intake. For example, raw pineapple has .50 calories per gram. Just weigh your pineapple chunks in grams and multiply the weight in grams by .50 to see how many calories you are eating. It's really pretty cool.
Here are some highlights about the scale:
The scale itself is very sleek and compact and weighs about half a pound.
The scale has a max weighing capacity of 11 pounds.
The scale comes with batteries and a 2 year warranty against defects.
Something I really like is how fast the scale works. There is no lag time when switching between units of measure or when weighing food.
The scale is reasonably priced; around $25 at .
I've used this scale quite a bit over the last month and I can honestly say that I haven't found any drawbacks to it. This is no useless gadget. I definitely think you should pick one up today if you do not already own a scale. Enjoy!!!


  1. Not too long ago I bought a new scale because my old one was not digital. I got a cheap one from Ikea, and it works great. I use it all the time in preparing food for my dogs, but I need to remember to use it more in my regular cooking and baking.

  2. This would be wonderful for converting European recipes!