Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shun Knife- Product Review

A few months ago I was given a chef’s knife from KAI USA to review. KAI USA is the company behind several knife brands including Kershaw Knives and Shun Cutlery. In my fire department, nearly everyone I know carries a Kershaw brand pocket knife. They are well known for their durability and sharpness. I was curious to see how this same durability and sharpness translated into a kitchen knife. I received a Shun Elite 8 inch chef’s knife back in June. It would have been easy to cut a tomato or an apple in half and then sit and write a review extolling the virtues of this new sharp knife. The truth is, I would expect the cheapest, flimsiest, knife to be sharp straight out of the package. I have to say, after using this knife for awhile now, the Shun Elite knife is in a class by itself. I own a mismatch of several knives including Wustof and Cutco brands. They are great knives, however, over last couple of months the Shun Chef’s knife has been my "go to" blade of choice. Is it sharp? Of course; but it’s more than that. The weight and balance of the knife make it very comfortable and easy to work with. I feel like I have total control when I have this knife in my hand.
Do you see this little notch between the blade and the handle? With your hand there, it gives the knife stability and control like no other knife I've ever used.
Shun takes a unique approach to knife making by layering high carbon steel resulting in a "super steel" which allows it to be sharpened at a sharper angle than most knives. The construction of the blade ensures not only sharpness, but durability, and blade strength as well. Shun knives tend to be priced a bit higher than your average knife. However, I can tell you from the moment I first used this knife, I knew it was no average kitchen knife. With proper care, a Shun knife can not only last a lifetime but it can surely be passed on to the next generation of aspiring kitchen chefs.


  1. Thanks!! I need a new"go to" knife so I might check this out. I also need a paring knife. Mine went out with some peelings this summer I think!!

  2. That looks like a serious knife. I'm not much of a knife person and I've never shelled out a lot of money for knives, but I know you pay for what you get. I might take a look at Shun.

  3. I've been looking for a set of shun knives for my husband, they're a little out of my price range, but they seem so worth it. He got to try them out at an expo event and he said they were so much more comfortable to use in his hand than his current knife set.

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