Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

This week I decided to try a hamburger bun recipe from Linda at the Gluten Free Homemaker. Please follow the link for the recipe. The buns were pretty easy to make. There's nothing like a fresh, warm hamburger bun to really enhance the flavor of your burger.
There's a little gelatin in the recipe which give the buns a great soft, spongy feel.
All that's left to do is pile on your favorite ingredients. Don't forget the bacon. Thanks Linda for a great recipe. Enjoy!!!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed them! I made them last evening and was reminded again how simple and delicious they are. I was lucky to have one left over for lunch today.

  2. OOh, that looks delicious! Bet it beats the cardboard version available at the grocery. If you oil your hands you can easily smooth the tops before baking. Gives it a nice look. :)

  3. Oh how I want a real bun like that. It looks amazing. Still need one with different ingredients. I'll keep looking. I'm still trying to find those Teff wraps. Can't find them anywhere! Any ideas?

  4. Hey Brian,

    Great blog, but the hamburger bun link doesn't work anymore.

    Here's the new one...