Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Giveaway 2009 Update

In my original Holiday Giveaway post I listed several companies that have generously donated products to help me share some good cheer with you. I want to take a moment to talk about some of the companies that are supporting my giveaway. If you have not yet entered for a chance to win some great prizes, please click on this link and follow the directions: Holiday Giveaway 2009. Please leave all comments for the giveaway on the original post.

I am excited to announce a late entry for my giveaway:
Le Creuset. Really, what more do I need to say? Anyone who has stepped foot into a kitchen has heard of Le Creuset. Le Creuset was founded in France in 1924 by two Belgian industrialists who together revolutionized enameled cast iron cookware. After production was disrupted by World War 2, Le Creuset picked up where they left off and haven't looked back. Le Creuset is truly a world class company, making extraordinary cookware. If you don't already own a piece of Le Creuset cookware, now is the time to change that.

In 1502 Christopher Columbus became the first European to discover chocolate. I'm pretty sure that a Guittard family member must have been on that expedition, that's how long they have been making incredible chocolates. The Guittard Chocolate Company is the oldest family owned and operated chocolate company in the US. In the 1850's Etienne Guittard made the journey from France to San Francisco. A few years later he started the Guittard Chocolate Company. Today, Etienne Guittard's descendants still own and operate the company and sell the E. Guittard line of chocolates as a tribute to the founder. Guittard's chocolates are rich, flavorful, and most importantly affordable without sacrificing exceptional quality. Please look for Guittard chocolate where you live or check them out online.

I will be back to profile a few more companies supporting the Fire and Salt Holiday Giveaway 2009. Please enter for a chance to win and please support these great companies. Thanks- Brian

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  1. Very cool Brian! This is one of the best giveaways I've seen - you're very generous =D.