Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gluten Free Birthday Pizza Party

March 1st was my birthday. My wife pulled off a pretty good surprise party for me. She dropped our daughter off with some friends and drove me into Portland for what I thought would be a nice little quiet dinner without the magic that a three year old injects into every meal. I wasn't sure where we were going until we got a bit closer and I recognized the neighborhood. We were going to a small pizza restaurant in Sellwood (SE Portland) called Picazzo's. As I walked in the restaurant, I realized I had been set up. My parents, my wife's family, our daughter, and a few friends were all there snacking on appetizers. I was truly surprised and we all had a great dinner together. Now about Picazzo's. I discovered Picazzo's a few months back while searching the Internet for gluten free restaurants in Portland. Picazzo's is a small franchise with six locations in Arizona and just one in Oregon. In addition to regular glutinous pizza, they have a gluten free crust. The gluten free crust is also used to make cheesy garlic bread sticks for an appetizer. If that's not enough they have a warm gluten free chocolate chip cookie served with ice cream for dessert. The crust is amazing for being gluten free. It's soft where it should be and has a crispy crust. I have to say the staff at Picazzo's is wonderful as well. The restaurant only seats about eight or nine tables, which our group took up half of. We were all treated to great attentive service. If you ever have a chance to visit Portland, I would seek Picazzo's out for great food, great wine, and great service.


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