Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Giveaway 2009 Update Part 3

The Fire and Salt Holiday Giveaway is coming to an end soon. If you haven't entered for a chance to win some great prizes yet, follow this link: Holiday Giveaway 2009. Remember to leave all entry comments on the original giveaway post.

Let's find out a little more about the remaining companies that have contributed to my giveaway.

Custom Choice Cereal was started by a couple students working on their MBA at the University of North Carolina. The idea is simple, the customer starts with a choice of base cereals. From there, the customer picks mix-in ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. The result is a custom blend of gluten free cereal. You can even create a name for your custom cereal mix. The cereal is blended and shipped directly to your door.

The Microplane story is an interesting one. Grace Manufacturing in Arkansas had 20 years of photochemical machining experience making parts for high-tech printers. In 1990, they experimented with making woodworking tools by etching holes in metal to make a rasp. In 1994, a hardware store owner's wife in Canada was making a dessert requiring orange zest. Frustrated by her dull grater, she ventured into the garage and retrieved her husband's Microplane woodworking tool. The Microplane Zester was born. Today, Microplane has a full line of woodworking, kitchen, and personal care products.

You made not have heard of Chef'n. You may even own one of their products and not know it. You see Chef'n is in the business of making kitchen tools and gadgets. We often think of kitchen tools in terms of their function (juicer, garlic press, spatula) rather than their brand. However, Chef'n products are cutting edge. For over 25 years this Seattle based company has created products with one simple mission in mind:"We want to make better tools so you can make better food." Chef'n currently holds over 250 product patents. One look at the Chef'n product line and you know you're not dealing with ordinary kitchen gadgets. Chef'n products are not only practical but they are vibrant, stylish, and designed to last.

Andrews McMeel Publishing began in 1970 as a small publishing company founded by Jim Andrews and John McMeel. Today, Andrews McMeel Publishing is a leading publisher of general nonfiction trade books, gift books and humor books, publishing as many as 300 new titles annually. Andrews McMeel Publishing has graciously donated a gluten free cookbook for my giveaway. The Gluten Free Everyday Cookbook was written by Chef Robert Landolphi. Chef Landolphi is a professional chef whose wife suffers from Celiac Disease. Gluten Free Everyday Cookbook is a great guide for aspiring gluten free cooks to make practical uncomplicated dishes to enjoy every day of the week. Follow this link to see two reviews I wrote about the cookbook a few months ago. Review part 1 and part 2.

Thanks again to all the great sponsors for my Holiday Giveaway. I encourage everyone to lend their support and business to these great companies. Remember, the giveaway ends Sunday night. Follow this link to enter before it's too late: Holiday Giveaway 2009


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