Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gluten Free Cookbook Review - Part 2

I've been meaning to finish up my review of the Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook for a while now. Gluten Free Every Day is written by Chef Robert Landolphi. The introduction in the front of the book really struck a chord with me. Shortly after being married, Chef Landolphi's wife Angela began developing digestive problems, fatigue, and general aches and pains. After a period of time, it became clear that his wife was suffering from Celiac Disease. Chef Landolphi embarked on a quest to create gluten free meals that his wife could enjoy. This labor of love for his wife led him to create a gluten free cookbook. My wife and I share a similar story. Although, I met my wife just days after she was diagnosed with Celiac. Never the less, I have been on a journey ever since to create gluten free meals that my wife enjoys. Chef Landolphi just happens to be, well, a chef and he wrote a cookbook. I spray water at a fire and have a gluten free blog, close enough.

On to my review. As I stated in the first part of my review, this cookbook lives up to the title: Gluten Free Every Day. So many of the recipes are perfect for a quick weeknight meal without a ton of prep and cleanup. I have many of the ingredients needed already in my pantry which makes preparation that much easier. The first chapter of the book has a comprehensive guide to various gluten free flours, including their nutritional information. Throughout the book, there are tips, tricks, and culinary terminology definitions.

I shouldn't share any more recipes or there would be no point to buying this cookbook. However, I will tell you that the section on gluten free pie crusts is worth the price, even if you didn't use another recipe in the book. I made a "Blaspberry" pie, which is a combination of blueberries and raspberries. The pie crust turned out to be the flakiest, crispiest, most delicious gluten free crust I've ever made. I have several short comings as a gluten free pie maker but that is something I can work on.

Amazing buttery crust

The crust shrank a bit which I didn't account for, but the flavor was great.

I can only think of one thing that may be a draw back for purchasing this book. If you are a well seasoned gluten free cook, you are not going to find many recipes that are ground breaking to propel you to the next level, with the exception of the pie crust. However, Gluten Free Every Day appears to be geared toward those just starting out with a gluten free lifestyle and those seeking straight forward, fresh, quick dinner ideas. Even after ten years of cooking gluten free, I'm always up for a new, fresh dinner idea. Enjoy!!!


  1. Good job on your pie! It looks beautiful!

    I am a new GF-er so that book appeals to me. Thanks for a great review!

    I'm enjoying reading your blog.

  2. Because of your reviews, I'm taking the publishers up on their complimentary offer on this cookbook, Brian. At the very least, my new support group members will find it useful. I'm a seasoned gf cook, but I am always interested in what others have to say. Your pie looks gorgeous!