Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gluten Free Pizza

I thought I would turn the reigns over to my wife for a guest post about a subject close to her heart, Gluten Free Pizza. Here she is:
I hope I don’t disappoint any loyal fans of my husband, but I have decided to do a post!! Yes, the resident Celiac, who usually just gets to enjoy all of the wonderful cooking and baking done by my hubby, decided to “guest blog.” This post has been long overdue. Back in June, I stopped by a local pizza restaurant down the street from our home. I had heard that Bellagios Pizza now served gluten free pizza with many wonderful options. I had the opportunity to speak with the manager of our local Bellagios who gave me a great “look” into how they do pizza gluten free. The manager was also kind enough to let me take home a sample pizza to enjoy with my family for dinner that night. It did not disappoint!

For $13.00, you can enjoy a 10-inch pizza with a number of mouth-watering options. Some of these options include: Very Veggie, Margherita, BBQ Chicken, Mother Earth, Garlic Chicken, Pepperoni Plus, and Pesto Chicken. For a complete list of all of their customer favorites and a list of ingredients, check out Bellagios website and click on the Gluten Free link. Another option is to buy their Cheese gluten free pizza for $10.00 and then add your own choice of toppings for extra. I always like to try the combinations they create and I found Bellagios has plenty to choose from!

For dinner that night, I decided to try half a Bellagio Combo (mozzarella cheese, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, and green peppers) and half Garlic Chicken (mozzarella, chicken breast, garlic, feta, red onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, on a creamy garlic base sauce)….. yum!! They were both delicious. While my husband and I found the 10 inch pizza to be a little small to feed our family of three, we decided with a salad and/or another small side dish (or even a second pizza!), it would have been the perfect amount of food.

Bellagios was also kind enough to send me home with a sample of their frozen, gluten free, pizza crusts and pizza sauce. You can purchase this “Dough to Go” for $3.50 for one crust or $6.00 for two crusts. The crusts come with a single serving of their pizza sauce that (almost) covers the pizza crust (we added a little bit of our own sauce since we like a little extra).

(our homemade pizza on a Bellagio crust)
Bellagios has really done a great job of catering to the gluten free world with their pizza. It tastes (as much as I can remember) as close to “real” pizza as any I have tried and it also has that gourmet look and taste to it that I love. The gluten free pizzas are made in a dedicated gluten free area of their kitchen with the ingredients and utensils kept separate from their glutenous counterparts. I was very impressed with the knowledge the manager of this branch showed about the gluten free world of eating. I would highly recommend a stop by one of the 14 Bellagio Pizza branches in the Portland, Oregon area (with one in Vancouver, WA). If you do not have the good fortune of having a Bellagios near you, put in a good word on their website and maybe one will pop up in your neighborhood soon!

Thanks for letting me post! And now, back to the REAL blogger…

For my two cents, I'll say that Bellagios not only has great gluten free pizza, they also have great customer service with a friendly atmosphere. The staff also appears well versed in avoiding cross contamination. It's nice to have a great place nearby to enjoy pizza again.


  1. I had heard that Bellagio's was good, but I didn't realize it was worthy of such rave reviews! I'll have to check it out really soon.

  2. Thank you Amy!! This is so nice to know as Gary has always felt left out when it comes to a pizza dinner. We tried Garlic Jim's-good but expensive. AND when we were in Ia. this summer a Godfather's there had a good GF pizza. None of the Godfather's here makes GF-yet. Your pizza sure looks good!!

  3. It's nice to hear from Brian's wife! Bellagios sounds wonderful. I wish I lived in the Portland area. It's not likely I'll be getting there any time soon.

  4. Mmmm. Can't wait until we get a company here (pizza) that caters to the gluten free. So far no such luck. That looks delicious and thank you to Brian's wife for "guest blogging!!!"

  5. We have a great GF restaurant but they don't do pizza yet. They want to expand.

    Amy - just so you know - your husband's love for you is so apparent. You are one lucky woman!!!

  6. Those look extremely delicious! Wish I lived closer to try them! Looks much better than Uno's!

  7. My son has been gluten-free for a year since he was diagnosed Celiac. We live in Gresham and it has been so hard finding other people locally who are also going through what we are but I agree that Bellagios has the best GF pizza. Even my very picky non-GF 9 year old daughter enjoys their pizza. Thanks for the post.

  8. Can't wait to try it, Amy. Thanks for the wonderful guest post. Duane Terry