Monday, May 11, 2009

Ode to my Traeger

O Traeger, so mighty, weathered, and dusty
So bold, so black, so rusty
You burn pellets made from wood
Whose smokiness makes my food so good
We've spent many evenings together
Grilling and smoking, despite inclement weather
You've filled a niche in my culinary desire
By transforming food, with hickory fire
From ribs to chicken and pork
I enjoy every last bite at the end of my fork
Beautiful, you ain't
But someday, I'll fix you up with a fresh coat of paint
To some, this ode is a snoozer
And I, a big loser
I will continue to praise the flavor
That I and my family savor
Now, I'm feeling a little ill
That I've thought this much about my grill
Though we've got many years left before you are retired
I best get back to work before I get fired

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